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Is your lawn suffering from soil erosion? poor drainage? Every time it rains does it create a mess? We offer landscaping grading services that won’t allow any of those drainage problems to progress and cause structural damage to your property. Grading is an effective way to build proper drainage channels so that the water won’t run off when it rains and the soil will become healthier. Grading is also important to prevent flooded basements and lead to mold and mildew. Landscaping grading also helps to clean the property by removing all weeds and debris so your piece of land will be ready for any kind of landscaping project.

Our Various Grading Services

Land Clearing

Before starting the actual grading process we need to make sure the land is clear. We will clear the land of all debris and dirt. We also remove rocks, trees, and any other obstacles. We have the necessary equipment to clean the land and leave it ready for the new project.

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Site Prep

Site prepping is the entire process of developing the design plan, ensuring soil preparation, avoiding soil compaction, evaluating the soil condition, and dealing with existing features on your outdoor space such as plants, decks, and fences, and we will discuss with you if you want to keep them or remove them.

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Trenching is a crucial aspect of a proper lawn drainage system, we construct trench drainages to quickly remove surface water, they also keep water from flowing into the pool or yard. We build trench drains in different materials such as concrete, asphalt, and gravel. We carefully design a trench drainage system that won’t only protect your property from excess water but also prevent soil erosion.

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Debris Removal

Clearing away debris is important to ensure the land is looking clean and ready for the next step. We remove leaves, prunes, and grass clippings and make sure to dispose of them appropriately, we can even turn some of them into a composite which could work to bring some nutrients back into the land. Don’t waste your valuable time picking up debris, we’ll remove it for you.

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When it comes to landscape and grading sometimes demolition is necessary. You can rest assured knowing that is just a phase and an important part of the process. We have demolition and removal experts that have extensive knowledge on drainage, foundation, excavation of pipes, and once we finish the demolition work, we will clean up everything leaving your property spotless.

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Why Choose Our Grading in Greenville SC

Grading is not something that any homeowner can do without enough knowledge. It is a science and doing it improperly could end up being worse than not doing it at all, you need to know how much to excavate depending on the type of soil and the weather, you need to have the right tools and equipment, and in some cases, take proper measurements. Instead of spending time and money doing something that will cause you many problems if not done correctly, contact a professional company like ours and let us do all the work properly for you. We evaluate your space professionally and make sure you will never face drainage issues in the future!

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We will always work around you if there are days you are too busy or times that don’t work for you, don’t worry. We’re happy to book your project for a time and day that is the most convenient for you. We can even organize recurring visits on a set schedule for added convenience.


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Now the only thing that’s left for you to do is to sit back and relax as you watch our team of experts go to work to ensure your garden is looking its best and all your backyard dreams come true. Get your project started now by clicking any of the quote buttons here on our site.

Frequently Asked Grading Questions

Grading in landscaping is the process of leveling the land, you may need this service if your yard has a flat surface or sloping towards your property. This is a crucial project before building your landscape because rainwater could accumulate in the foundation of your home and cause structural damage to your property leading to the growth of mold. It also prevents standing water (which is a breeding ground for mosquitos). It prevents soil erosion and improves the aesthetical appearance of your landscape.

Performing grading requires knowledge of civil engineering, excavation, design, demolition, proper cleanup, and waste disposal. Our team has all the licenses and training required to perform such delicate services. Every member of our team is fully insured and our main goal is to deliver a proficient job while keeping our workers and clients safe.

Our prices will vary depending on the surface area of your yard, its current condition, and the need for demolition. Contact us to get a personalized quote!

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